Wedding Videography
Your wedding is your day, one which you want captured in the most tasteful fashion and highest quality available. This is the foundation of Spin Media’s High Definition wedding videography. Learn more.
Theatrical Videography
Spin Media Productions can help capture a production in a variety of ways, from a single camera omniscient view, to a multi-camera, fully edited production. Learn more.

High Definition Videography

Spin Media Productions offers a full range of video services including:

Whatever your needs, Spin Media is ready to support you with our new High Definition workflow. Using the latest digital technology, we can bring you affordable HD, and bring it to you today. Within the next year, most television sets will be HDTV resolution, providing a much sharper picture while watching HD programming. The issue that arises is that programming produced on standard definition equipment looks fuzzy and pixilated on these new monitors. By shooting and editing your production in HD, you ensure that your project will not only look good today, but for years to come.

At the present time, the next generation of DVD players to view this new HD content has not been released to the market. Spin Media Productions, however, can deliver your project in HD today, as well as on standard DVD so that those without the newest equipment can still enjoy your video.

Combine our video services along with our professional digital photography services and Spin Media Productions can take your project to the next level.